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Jerry Nacey



June 17, 1962 - September 4, 2012

Jerry was an amazing friend, husband and very dedicated father. He would have given anything for us. He had a huge heart and was the kindest man. He was everyone's friend.


I could go on & on about what an incredible man he was. We shared a wonderful life together, 20 years of marriage. We had a beautiful son who adored his father.


Unfortunately addiction/alcoholism took his life at the age of 50. He was diagnosed with liver cancer in March of 2012 as well as cirrhosis of the liver and was given 6-12 months to live.  He lasted 7 months. My life then, was dedicated to taking care of him. He passed away Sept. 4, 2012. He definitely was taken too soon.


I will always love him. Forever in my heart and never forgotten. 

Kim McClain

Why’d you leave so soon?

You always understood her fears

You always stopped her pouring tears

You’d talk and laugh and lived it up

And now she waits for death to come

She cried so many tears

And now she gives voice to all new fears

God’s whisper told her to stay strong

When everything was going wrong

She misses your touch

From dusk till dawn

She’ll try and keep her spirit strong

But for just how long?

A pillar of strength is what she yearns to be

And a friend till the end I will forever be

But it’s only God’s grace that can calm her sea

When she feels like she can no longer go on

I pray God will scoop her up and carry her along

He wonders what life will be

Without a dad

A self-motivated, goal oriented, inspiring

Young lad

Determination and focus will take him along

But only if he is able to stay very strong

He’s destined to do amazing things in life

Assuming he can work through all of this strife

Stay focused little one and support your mom well

But don’t forget about yourself – there is a story to tell

So surround him with love and

Encourage him well

And remind him of the good memories

That he will most certainly re-tell

Father and sisters grieve the loss of a son and a brother

At a time when they have already lost their mother

Poker nights won’t be the same

The time without him will be an utter shame

Miles away could not keep them apart

But for now all they have is a memory in their heart!

A friend, a co-worker, a neighbor and more

Will often be tempted to knock on the door

Golfing and riding and hanging with friends

Were just a few of the things that he did till the end

Now only a memory to help us move on

For me it’s a slingshot and God’s gift of Aaron

We knew it would come

Too young to die

To hide it anymore

Would only be a lie

Too many friends lost in young years

What can we change so there are no more tears?

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