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Jarrod Barber

Jarrod was loving, giving, and caring. He would take the shirt off his back to help someone and that’s why he was so loved. Jarrod could talk to any adult. He was very friendly and respectful towards others. He enjoyed dirt biking, bodysurfing, hanging out with his friends and family. He was a loving son and loving older brother.

Jarrod became addicted to marijuana at age 15. When he was 16, he broke his collarbone while dirt biking and the nurse gave him Vicodin. Jarrod didn’t like his addiction. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Unlike other kids who overdose several times, for Jarrod it took only one time. He didn’t have a second chance! Jarrod died because of two doctors who recklessly over-prescribed prescription drugs. 

His parents found him on their couch barely breathing on January 8, 2010 at 3:00 am. He was in a drug-induced coma. Jarrod passed away at Mission Hospital at 3:47 am at age 19.

Our heart was broken without warning 

No words spoken
You were taken away
Someone said you could not stay


Empty and lonely is what we are
We lost a precious shining star
Our family torn apart
Your world began with a promising start

Life is unfair
This difficult cross we must bear
Strength and courage we will find
Our special child always in our mind


A place in heaven is where you sit
Looking at that star you lit
In our thoughts forever you will be
Never knowing why someone set you free

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