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BIS Kids 50 - 50 Campaign

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Our goal is to expose as many kids to our program as possible; by raising funds we are able to do just that. By supporting our efforts you are showing that you care about the future and well-being of our youth. No matter how many participants you personally get to join us in this challenge we appreciate your efforts.

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How does the 50 - 50 campaign work?

The 50 - 50 campaign works by an individual or group starting a chain of donations starting with themselves. Once you have donated, the chain relies on you and your group continually reaching out to new friends, companies, organizations, local businesses, etc. to continue the chain!


Follow the instructions below and you and your family, group, company, organization, celebrities, local businesses are on your way to joining the challenge!
1. Fill-out the participant application
2. Pay your $50 challenge fee
3. Contact Ivory Stuckey Campaign Director who will mail you out challenge chips to pass along to potential participants
4. Follow-up with your participants once per week
5. Pass out about 5 chips per week this will build up momentum for you and your team
6. Check in weekly with the Campaign Director to make sure your chain has not been broken
7. Try to add to your group/team once a week
8. Go after as many people as you feel comfortable recruiting
9. Keep a log of your participants
10. The five groups or individuals that raise the most money will be rewarded at our annual celebration
11. Get you company to match what you and your group raise
12. Ask about Bis Kids Annual Award Appreciation Celebration Dinner

Ready to extend the chain?

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