The BISKIDS Program

BISKIDS is an evidence based proactive prevention program against drugs and alcohol use. The program is an inter-active 2-day workshop for children 7-12 years of age. We use age-appropriate language, games, music, art, role playing, stories and fun to educate children about addiction and the important life skills they need to overcome adversity and promote a drug free lifestyle.


Parents and families are invited to join us on the second day and are encouraged to participate in a group workshop with their children. Skilled counselors lead all the group sessions and trained assistants help with program activities. "BISKIDS" (Believe in Sobriety Kids/Believe in Success Kids) encourages children to create a path to good health and well-being. We teach children skills that promote a drug free future. 

BISKIDS empowers children by giving them a “tool box” they can use to promote the healthy development of life. It is educational, fun, and engaging! We believe in a drug free future for all children!

Nathaniel Colin Hall

BISKIDS is inspired by

Nathaniel Colin Hall