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BISKIDS Annual Golf Tournaments are an important event for The BISKIDS Program. An event that brings together sponsors, partners and BIS KIDS friends not only for a fun golf day but also to spread the BISKIDS Program message. It’s always a fun day at the BISKIDS golf event!  We give away lots of prizes, food and laughs. The Golf Tournament highlight moment is the traditional helicopter ball drop where all participants get together for this exciting moment!


Our sponsors have provided great prizes every year such as spa days, amusement park tickets, golf paraphernalia, great food, sports goodies, free helicopter rides and much more. Generous people from all around come and join us at our golf tournament and donate their time, service, and ideas. It's always a blast and people have fun, eat and share a great day. We are blessed to have so many kindred souls joining us in this important battle against addiction.

BISKIDS Annual Golf Tournament

Randy & Dawn Tamayo:

Over the last 7 years Randy and Dawn have tirelessly volunteered themselves to the BISKIDS golf tournament. Randy the avid golfer -and instant friend to everyone he meets- jumped at the opportunity to coordinate the annual golf tournaments on BISKIDS behalf with no prior experience. Of course, these tournaments were an enjoyable experience, but they ran Randy ragged!... and that’s when Dawn stepped in. She is a miracle worker with an unparalleled vision and ability to make the dollar stretch as far as possible in making these tournaments the high-class events they are. They are truly a blessing to BISKIDS and have raised funds to increase the services BISKIDS provides!


Please feel free to contact Randy directly: (714) 398-6427

or via email:

Goal for the 2018 Golf Tournament: 


Due to the nature of the program the way to increase our services is through additional BISKIDS events. We must protect the intimate attendance size of 20 maximum in order to effectively impact and support the children. With this in mind, we aim to raise funds equivalent to increasing program availability to serving an additional 120 children annually = $36,000

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